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The WeaverThings From another world

I don't really remember much of anything before I woke up on the operating table in Area 51 — but I do know that the secret code for my WeaverThings is beamed directly into my third consciousness from a distant Reticulan star system. That I feel compelled to share these primitive artefacts with you is perfectly normal humanoid behaviour and definitely not a vital strategic step in an interstellar conspiracy which of course does not exist. Nevertheless, buy one of these artefacts now and I'll get you a window seat.

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We never do things by halves

Except for HalfCutThing, of course. And now HalfShadowThing, which continues our new obsession with shadows that add ineffable style to your content and raise it far above the madding norm.

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Since when has one link effect ever been enough? I say to hell with freaking moderation and take a load of this — twenty sophisticated effects to style your inline links with, one for every imaginable occasion.

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Relax. Now you don't need to be a Photoshop design ninja to fashion your own stylish ads. AdThing's simple layering and gradient options will help you create really professional adverts in the blink of a dead slow eye.

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Now Doubled To Ten Shadows

This stack is my personal favourite. I love its subtlety, its delicate lines and shadows and the sense of class that it adds to any stack you place inside. It's doubled in size since its release and should now be called TenShadowThing.

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As well as rounding your images, you can now add your text and icons to DiskThing and have them perfectly centered. Rotation and hover effect options add even more style and functionality.

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CircularThing is our responsive version of DiskThing. It doesn't have all the features of DiskThing but it does do one thing really well. It gives you responsive round images that work beautifully on all devices.

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Do you believe in miracles?


There may be fifty shades of grey but there's only one shade of SexyThing — red hot. SexyThing can stimulate projects in places other stacks can only fantasize about. In fact recent government studies have shown that SexyThing will enhance your love life and make you more attractive to other stacks. Trust me, I'm a pathological liar.

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As content separators and section dividers go, DottyThing certainly errs on the eccentric side. This one has a cool animation effect when it enters the users viewport...

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Not many people are aware that Charles Darwin's Law of Evolution by Natural SelectThing was inspired by this stack.

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Need a banner for your thing? Great for standout titles and headings in a banner-like thing.

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Voted the best stack in the world by my mother, ShowThing is perfect for displaying products or team members.

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Need Help, Poppet?Just Ask

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The Button Reveal On Hover Thing. Another cool and individual way to display sections of content.

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When the competition is stiff and you need to stand out, elevate your thing with HoverLiftThing.


For all those Springsteen fans out there.
All three of you.

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Build your project artefacts and display your events in chronological order. Fully customisable and configurable with a cool hover and scale effect.

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Everything has a price. Which is why you need PriceThing. Another sacred stack to guard you from the fickle middle finger of fate.

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Coming Soon


For all the delicate Things in your garden


22 stylish buttons in one stack!

MultiButton Power At Your Fingertips
Tired of using the same old button in all your projects? With a choice of more than twenty highly sophisticated and customisable buttons in one stack you can now add real individuality to your designs... all for one amazing price!

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Our creepiest stack. If there's one thing it's really good at, creeping up on your website visitors is definitely it.

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Create your own stylish sidebars and content containers. Comes replete with a fully customisable ribbon and hover effect.

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Perfect for displaying products or team members you secretly despise.

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Have a corner? Need to link it to a thing? You need CornerLinkThing. You do. It's flat and stylish and — sin of sins — unfashionably subtle. Do you have what it takes?

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HoverTextThing is a very simple stack for those who favour the subtle over the obvious and the obvious over the subtle.

I love The Smell of StacksIn The Morning

"This man is very obviously insane."

True. Which makes it the perfect time to take advantage of our apocalyptic Brexit exchange rates and make some real savings.


"I need a Pointless Thing. Where have all the freakin' freebies gone?"

Worry thee not, idle friend, they're back with a vengeance — and there are now more of them than ever before. Check them out here.

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